We would like to inform you about very important news - New freescale electronics and  new control panels for all sizes of RETIGO combi steamers.

New Freescale electronics

We would like to inform you about new electronics which are newly assembled in Retigo Blue Vision combi steamers from 1st July 2012.

It is called Freescale electronics.

This is an upgrade that improves performance and gives our combi steamers more memory – there is a microSD card which can store more recipes, more logs.
You will not recognize this change from outside. It is a hardware change which is hidden under stainless steel cover.

To find out which electronics is inside You go to Setting and Info on the combi steamer’s control panel, If there is the “old electronics” there will be System: PXA. If you have the new one there will be System: Freescale – see pictures bellow.

Important information is that to this electronics you cannot upload software version lower than 17.31.

How to find out which electronics is in Retigo Blue Vision combi steamer:

Old Electronics - PXA:                                 New Electronics - Freescale:


Software ver. 18 which is fully compatible with Freescale electronics download here.

New control panels - matt foil

We would like to inform you about new control panels which we have developed for the Retigo Vision combi steamers. The difference can be seen at first sight, the new foil of control panels is matt (previous one was bright). Main attributes of this new foil are higher resistance against steam and humidity.

The new control panel also bring us even more precise control of the combi steamer, still it harmonize with the oven’s attractive design.

Technical details:

Foil Thickness is 0.175 mm (same like the bright control panels)
- Different material – new material is polyester (bright panels were made of poly-carbonate)


         Blue Vision – the matt panels are being used since 1st July 2012

         Orange Vision - the matt panels will be used from 1st September 2012


For all ovens size2011, the matt panels are being used size June 2012.