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New Retigo Vision convection ovens —Values remain, Innovations continue

New Retigo Vision convection ovens —Values remain, Innovations continue

After nine years of producing and selling the successful Vision convection oven, the Retigo company is bringing an innovative new generation of steam convection ovens to market.

After nine years of producing and selling the successful Vision convection oven, the Retigo company is bringing an innovative new generation of steam convection ovens to market. At first glance, the change isn’t very obvious. The breadth of the range is still the same (two models, Blue and Orange, in six sizes). However, when you look again, you see you see a lot of change and innovation that makes the Vision convection oven different. They’re even more reliable, intelligent, economical and safe.

Vision Perfect cooking

Boil, bake, grill, fry — any convection oven can do that. But Retigo Vision offers you more — it makes cooking fun and ensures splendid results. Several sophisticated elements help with outstanding food preparation, such as automatic humidity regulation in the cooking chamber, a new patented fan shape, a six-point temperature probe, a flap to draw off excess steam, and a unique system for creating steam, whether by spraying or in a boiler. Together with cooks, Retigo specialists have also prepared many different software improvements. These include programs for cooking sous vide in a vacuum, curing, preserving, drying and ripening. The food will have outstanding colour, juiciness and crispness, and will be prepared healthily with minimal added fat. All you need for a unique menu!

My Vision Controls

Vision convection ovens have made a big move forward when it comes to controls. Especially the Blue Vision models. A large 8-inch colour display with plenty of useful options helps you save time and quickly and easily make the settings you need. The display reacts perfectly, even with gloves or greasy fingers. The main menu can be fully adapted, making the controls among the simplest on the world market. Cooking is a breeze!

Vision Design

From the design point of view, Retigo Vision convection ovens have always been unique. The rounded glass, smooth control panel and solid latch are major features that are still on the new models. But with some distinct changes. The door glass retains its rounded shape, but its isothermal properties are significantly better, thanks to three glass layers and an internal surface treatment. The latch shape has completely changed for better ergonomics, and is made of special silver ion material that has antibacterial properties. The seamless panel has no keys or buttons, is easy to keep clean, and is perfectly readable. Completely new is the option to choose two hand sprinkler types — a traditional sprinkler hung on the side of the appliance or a self-winding one. The new Vision offers you a wonderful combination of functionality, outstanding ergonomics and attractive looks. All that, with a focus on safety and hygiene.

Retigo Green Concept

Retigo Vision convection ovens are among the most economical on the market. The combination of unique technical solutions saves the user money while helping preserve the environment. A Retigo Vision convection oven saves you money every day. Proven to have the lowest energy and water consumption, and with the low cost of automatic cleaning, it quickly pays for itself.

The cooking chamber’s special 50 mm thick insulation, with triple glass on the convection oven’s door, ensures rapid temperature rise and minimal energy consumption during cooking. The uniquely designed Water Saving System requires negligible amounts of water for cooling waste steam, which significantly lowers overall water consumption. The Advanced Steam Generation System, created with an integrated heat exchanger, uses heat from waste steam and considerably decreases electrical demand. Last but not least, the low-cost automatic Active Cleaning is highly effective and ensures minimal water consumption, saving water and detergent even during cleaning. This cleaning system is now standard even on Orange Vision modules.

For 24 years, Retigo Vision convection ovens have held a solid position in professional kitchens almost throughout the world. Vision’s new generation brings innovative solutions that retain the qualities of professional culinary appliances. It offers innovation that gives cooks the options and freedom to create even better results to meet customers’ needs. It lets them enjoy cooking!