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Production of Deli Master comes to an end

Production of Deli Master comes to an end

We would like to inform you that the production and sale of all sizes of the current Deli Master convection oven has definitively come to an end.

This includes ovens whose design and equipment originated in the first generation of Vision combi ovens. We are currently working on new Deli Master, but until it appears, we can offer you an alternative — a full-fledged replacement in the form of Blue Vision 611 and Blue Vision 1011 combi ovens. These ovens offer the option of 600/400 mm trays with a spacing of 85 mm, as well as software programs typical for bakeries (programmable moistening and pauses between the individual steps).

We will let you know well in advance before the new Deli Master comes out.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions by email