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Vision Combi Chill 1411

A whole new generation of shock coolers/freezers, which, in addition to traditional cooling/freezing can also handle low-temperature cooking at temperatures to +80°C.

Programming allows automatic freezing of food at serving temperature and restoration of chilled meals.

The integrated heating element allows the appliance to be used for low-temperature cooking overnight.


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General Characteristics

Positive blast chilling

It makes food last longer

It is also known as rapid cooling and lets you lower the temperature of the foodstuffs from +95°C to +3°C in less than 90 minutes causing a true thermal shock which prevents the proliferation of bacteria.

Negative blast chilling

It guarantees the texture, appearance, flavour and aroma of food

Also known as rapid freezing, it allows you to lower the temperature of food to -18°C in less than 240 minutes, thus obtaining small water crystals and preserving the food molecules.


It guarantees the elimination of the Anisakis parasite

The parasite dies at temperatures exceeding 60°C or if frozen for prolonged periods of time. To safeguard consumers, the Ministry of Health has brought in a law that requires restaurants to freeze food to -20°C for at least 24 hours before serving it.


You can program the thawing foods

This is a programme that allows the chef to choose the time when the food will be ready. Combichill will switch automatically on bringing the food back to a positive temperature in a reasonable time without damaging the structure and texture, appearance, flavour and aroma of the food.

Slow cooking

The cycle that lets you produce even at night

One of the most important ingredients in the kitchen is time. Slow cooking is a special cycle, also known as cooking at a low temperature, which brings out the goodness in the product. The slow cooking cycle is indicated for certain types of meat and fish. Using this cooking technique allows you to enhance the flavours and colours of the food, to cut down on weight loss and dissolve the connective tissues that make the meat hard. After the slow cooking cycle, Combichill activates a negative or positive chill cycle or maintains the temperature at +65°C.




    • Savings on the cost of staff
    • Reduction of waste
    • Control of food costs
    • Reduces production costs
    • Increase in margins


    • Top quality products
    • Longer lasting
    • Comprehensive menu
    • Speed of service
    • Reduction of night work

Health and hygiene

    • Improvement in food safety
    • HACCP continuous monitoring
    • Temperature control
    • Ventilation control
    • Maintenance stages >65°C

Model Characteristics

  • Chilling and freezing cycles
  • Low temperature cooking up to 70 °C and holding food at serving temperature
  • Automatic regeneration of chilled/freezed meals to serving temperature
  • Other functions like sterilization, drying, heating etc.
  • Ideal combination for money saving, efficiency and reliability
  • AISI 304 stainless steel with scotch-brite external satin finish
  • Air condensation units
  • 60 mm high density polyurethane foam insulation (40 kg/m3)
  • Intelligent automatic cycle controls blast chilling and freezing according dimension and type of the food inside
  • Core probe with the proper insert control
  • Automatic defrosting
  • 5 fan speeds, automatic fan stop when door is open

Technical Data

ModelBC 1411 Combi
Capacity 14 x GN1/1
Chilling capacity +90°C>+3 °C 55 kg
Freezing capacity +90°C>-18 °C 35 kg
Weight 212 kg
Spacing 67 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D) 800 x 2025 x 825 mm
Total power 3 kW
Heating power 1,5 kW
Fuse protection 16 A
Voltage 3N~/400V/50Hz
Coolant R 452 A