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What is a blast chiller/freezer?

Freshness, balanced flavour and visual perfection are what guests notice and appreciate the most in their meals. But always standing out front are quality and hygienic safety of foods. So that you can guarantee all of this, and satisfy the maximum amount of customers without complicated culinary creations, you will need a professional blast chiller / freezer.

Why chilling?

Perhaps only fast food enthusiast may ask such a question. A gourmet like us knows all too well that in order to satisfy large number of diverse tastes at once in a short time without spending long hours cooking and while also maintaining high quality and safety of the food being prepared can be accomplished only with the Retigo blast chillers. By fast chilling the precooked meals we prevent the undesirable rapid reproduction of microorganisms. Meal chilled this way preserves its natural moisture, color, flavor and aroma and is thus able to bring smile and good feeling to all eager consumers.


This is a suitable solution for the situation where serving needs to be postponed. According to a prepared plan, a greater quantity of meals are cooked in advance and chilled afterwards. In the chilled condition, the meals can be stored up to 5 days till the moment they are served. The meals must be reheated immediately before serving in a regenerator or steam combi oven.

Guaranteed hygiene and safety

This method of food preparation guarantees easier compliance with the HACCP norms and assures reduction of the food contamination with bacteria to a minimum.

Better efficiency of time management

Precooked and chilled meals enable faster and easier serving of individual meals, especially in peak times.

Cost savings

By combining preparation of large number of meals in the combi steamer at the same time and their subsequent chilling in the blast chiller brings substantial energy savings as compared to multiple cooking. Thanks to the option of precooking our meals ahead of serving time we can also take advantage of volume and seasonal discounts when purchasing the individual ingredients.

More variety in the menu

Major advantage of the immediate serving of various precooked meals is accentuated by the fact that the chilled product can be stored for up to five days and the frozen product up to several months.

High food quality and less volume loss

Food prepared in this manner preserves its natural inner moisture. No volume loss or deterioration in quality occurs.

Less waste and more accurate serving size

This method of food storage does not cause unnecessary losses, because only meals that have been ordered by customers are regenerated and served.