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Blast chiller 1411 Comfort

Blast chiller 1411 Comfort

Using a blast chiller / freezer, you can limit the amount of unwanted micro-organisms and bacteria that spoil food. It also helps prepared foods retain their natural moisture, colour, flavour and aroma. A bonus to these advantages is that blast chiller / freezers offer efficient use of time.

The capacity of BC 1411 C is 14 trays = 55 kg of food to chill, 35 kg of food to freeze. The gastronorm container size is GN 1/1 (530x325 mm). You can select various types of gastronorm containers to go with the blast chiller. For the blast chiller / freezer 1411 size, you can additionally purchase a heated temperature probe, a HACCP set with USB input and a UV sterilization lamp.


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General Characteristics

An appliance that has already become an irreplaceable helper in every professional kitchen. The shock cooler can reduce food to +3 °C or freeze it to -18 °C in the set time. The speed of the chilling or freezing cycle eliminates the risk of unwanted microorganisms propagating and ensures trouble-free compliance with HACCP standards. High speed is an essential advantage in freezing. It ensures that the food does not form ice crystals that, during slow freezing in an ordinary freezer, would otherwise tear the cell walls, causing most of the meat’s natural juices to be lost during defrosting.

  • Manual cooling and freezing cycles
  • Cooling and freezing cycles controlled by time and temperature
  • Automatic cooling and freezing control according to the amount and type of food put in
  • Touch controls
  • 99 possible programs
  • Automatic thawing
  • 5-speed fan
  • Automatic fan setting when doors are open
  • Overall design made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Air-cooled condensation unit
  • 60 mm polyurethane foam insulation (40 kg/m³)
  • Electronic micro-computer controls
  • Hygienic interior with rounded corners for better air circulation and easier cleaning
  • Optimal temperature evenness in the internal chamber
  • Optional heated probe for measuring the temperature at the core of the food
  • Automatic transition to conservation mode to end the cooling or freezing cycle


Guaranteed hygiene and food safety

Food chilling helps when following HACCP requirements through the prevention of food bacteria contamination.

Time management

Precooked food that has been chilled is ready to be distributed to a customer in a short period of time. This makes serving to customers fast and convenient.

Expenses saving

After the purchase of a blast chiller, a greater quantity of food can be cooked in advance and chilled later on. Frozen food can be stored for up to several months, therefore we can take advantage of discounts and seasonal price cuts.

Wider menu

Chilled food can be kept readily and served anytime for up to 5 days and frozen up to several months.

High food quality and low weight loss

Chilled food sustains natural moisture, meat stays juicy, weight loss is minimal and high quality is guaranteed.

Leftovers reduction

Exact portions of food are taken out of the blast chiller, regenerated and served.

Technical Data

ModelBC 1411 C
Capacity 14 x GN1/1
Chilling capacity 55 kg
Freezing capacity 35 kg
Spacing 67 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D) 800 x 2025 x 825 mm
Weight 220 kg
Total power 3 kW
Fuse protection 16 A
Voltage 3N~/400V/50Hz
Coolant R 452 A