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Vision Vent condensation hood RPH2011 for Vision 2011 combi ovens

The RETIGO Vision Vent condensation hood RPH2011 is designed for RETIGO Vision 2011 combi ovens. Vision Vent hood is very easy to assambly. Consumption of electricity is very low (conection directly to the 230V socket or via unit) and operation of hood is fully automatic.


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Basic characteristics

  • Compatible with RETIGO Vision 2011 combi ovens (both Blue and Orange)
  • Not compatible with gas units
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Simple to operate – the exhaust fan will switch on automatically after the combi oven door is opened
  • Easy maintenance
  • No extra water consumption thanks to the air condensation unit
  • Strong performance eliminates unpleasant kitchen odor
  • 220 V voltage – very low use of electric energy

Technical data

Dimensions (w x h x d)  952 x 412 x 1137 mm
Weight 60 kg
Total power 0,4 kW
Voltage* 1N~/230V/50-60Hz
Noise level (min./max.) 63 dB/ 68 dB
Max. air flow 1000 m3/hr.

 * The hood is connected to the power supply separately. The power connection via the combi oven is a possible additional option (see optional accessories for the relevant products).




Set 2011/RPH2011

A - Flap valve | B - Chimney | C - Drain | E - Electricity | V1 - Untreated water | V2 - Treated water