Retigo s.r.o.

Sint – Andreasinstituut rest home

Place of realization: Brugge
Installed by: CD Constructs
Year of realization: 2011
Country: Belgium
Business type: Rest home
WWW of realization place: Sint – Andreasinstituut rest home


How has your Retigo product benefitted to your establishment?

► For me as only Chef in the Kitchen for more then 200 persons, it’s the absolute solution to have a combi who cleans itself very intensive. So I save a lot of time to be more dedicated to the food I present.

What are the saving for your kitchen when cooking with Retigo Vision combi oven?

► The water consumption is incredibly low and very important is the time that I can use for other things now thanks to Retigo.

Why would you recommend the Retigo Vision to other establishments?

► I’m not a youngster anymore and a steamer who is very easy in use with pictograms and much more is absolute heaven for me. Also the design takes your attention.

What does your Retigo product mean to you in just one word?

► Pleasure.

Johan Lamote 
Executive Chef