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Asparagus with parma ham, egg 75 °C, hollandaise sauce

Have a look at the new recipe by our chef Jaroslav.

4 portions


asparagus 500g

eggs 4 pcs

parma ham 4 slices

egg yolk 2

white wine 50ml

lemon juice ½ lemon

butter 50g

salt, pepper


  1. Steam whole egg in a shell on a steam mode, 75 °C for 13 minutes, and steam asparagus at the same time.
  2. In the meanwhile prepare the hollandaise sauce.
  3. Using a bain marine, put white wine and lemon juice, warm up and reduce by half, add egg yolks and slowly heat up, once warm, take off the heat and slowly pour clarified butter until the right consistency.
  4. Wrap the asparagus in parma ham, put the egg 75 °C on the top and pour the hollandaise sauce over.

Bon appetit!