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What is Vision Holdomat?

The main reason for the successful work for any restaurant, shops, supermarkets, and HoReCa businesses is their ability to preserve the food in the fresh and hot condition for a long time until it will be sold or ordered. That's why the right choice of holding cabinets and a Holdomat oven will help you to create a great difference between the food you sell and the food you throw away. Retigo offers the full range of Holdomats that is maximally convenient for users and helps you to save space and energy. The Holdomat offered by Retigo has an internal heating system for food storage. A Holdomat oven is made of stainless steel. This material provides easy and reliable operation.

7 reasons to buy a Vision combi oven

Practical advice for RETIGO Holdomat use

Simplify your work
- Store fried or roasted meals. Thanks to the special moisture elimination feature of the chamber food will always be crispy.
- Just fry the meat quickly and then put it inside the RETIGO Hold-o-mat, which will take care of the rest and your grill will stay open for other cooking.

Use your combi oven efficiently
- The RETIGO Hold-o-mat machine also offers the functions of a holding cabinet and the "Cook & Hold" feature and will thus free up the capacity of your combi oven.
- The meat is cooked and held at the ideal temperature with minimal weight loss, the same as in the combi oven.

Suitable appliance for parties and outdoor catering
- Meals prepared in the kitchen can be transported in the RETIGO Hold-o-mat and served hot.
- Practical handlebars enable the safe carrying of the appliance.