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Technical service

Installation protocol



Installing company

Placing and leveling (page 40 in TD?)

Water connection (page 54 in TD)

Parameter Value
Inlet Pressure 2-6 bar
Water Hardness (TH) 5 °dH
Total Dissolved Solids 40 < 150 ppm (mg/l)
pH 7.0 - 8.5
Free chlorine 0.1 ppm (mg/l)
Total chlorine 0.1 ppm (mg/l)
Chlorides (Sulfate+Chloride+Nitrate) 40 ppm (mg/l)
Iron 0.1 ppm (mg/l)
Silica 13 ppm (mg/l)
Product size 623 611 1011 1221 2011 2021
Water pressure on pressure regulator [bar] 0.1 0.2 0.35 0.35 0.35 0.8
Control flow of water spray [l/min] 1 0.17 0.25 2x 0.25 2x 0.25 2x 0.4

Drain connection (page 55 in TD)

Electrical connection (page 43 in TD)

Following values of electrical quantities measured

Voltage at the main power termination [V]

Current when the chamber heating elements on [A]

Current when the boiler heating elements on [A]

Gas connection (page 46 in TD)

Burner 1

Burner 2?

Final adjustment and check

Operational test

The customer has been informed about

Basic operation


Automatic cleaning

I confirm the installation of above stated product has been performed in accordance with the Technical Documentation valid for this product and all stated above is true.

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Warranty conditions

In order for you to have good results from the very beginning, RETIGO makes use of an extensive network of authorized service companies that are specially trained by RETIGO. They will install and demonstrate the equipment for you and recommend the best system of preventive checks so that the equipment will serve you for a long time to your full satisfaction.


RETIGO gives you a guarantee for proper functioning and quality service. In order to achieve the highest quality of the food you prepare and the most effective operation of RETIGO equipment, we recommend that you utilize the expert training provided by our experienced chefs on your premises and subsequently the professional advisory service granted by our chefs.


The producer guarantees the quality, proper functioning and operation of the equipment for a period of 24 months from the day the equipment was installed on the basis of confirmation of the 24-month warranty on the warranty certificate. The warranty covers defects arising demonstrably as a result of defective material or defective work that makes proper functioning impossible.


Excluded from the 24-month warranty are only these parts: bulbs, seals and door glass damage. There is a 6 months warranty for these parts.


Excluded from the warranty conditions are shortcomings arising through mechanical damage, improper handling, improper operation and not observing the operating instructions; defects arising from unsuitable installation not complying with the manufacturer's recommendations according to the technical documentation (in case of different manner of installation, the expressive agreement of the manufacturer is necessary); as well as defects caused by the foreign intervention of higher power.

Preventive checks

RETIGO recommends that regular controls of the equipment be carried out by a service company. Only through regular controls and cleaning of the appliance can wear and eventual damage to the equipment be prevented.


It is suitable to have a preventive service check carried out after one year of operation.


During this check, the service company performs the items listed in the chapter "Service document" (see Service booklet) and notes the work performed by making a check. This gives you a clear over-view and prevents misunderstandings.


During the whole time of operation, the equipment has to be subjected to regular checks, tests and revisions.

Combi oven lifecycle

The lifecycle of the device is 10 years providing the following conditions are met:

  • Regular preventive service inspections every 12 months of operation.
  • Such inspection must be carried out by service technicians of RETIGO or by service technicians of RETIGO authorized business.
  • The customer is obliged to produce a record of such service interference.
  • Strict compliance with operation instructions according to the operation manual.
  • Daily maintenance and cleaning of the combi-oven using cleaning agents recommended by RETIGO ( ACTIVE CLEANER for automatic cleaning system, VISION DESCALER for descaling of cooking chambre, RETIGO MANUAL CLEANER, PURON K etc.).
  • In case of combi-ovens with automatic cleaning it is necessary to use exclusively RETIGO Active Cleaner.
  • Training of operating personnel by RETIGO expert chef. It must be recorded in the service documentation or a copy of training record of the personnel.
  • In case of change of operating personnel another training must be carried out.