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DeliMaster bakery oven

DeliMaster ovens will allow you to easily prepare all types of fresh baked goods, desserts, pastries as well as a wide range of snack/ bistro products such as sandwiches, burgers, panini, etc. Prepare exquisite delicacies from your menu in just a few minutes. Expand your offerings with new products, thanks to Deli Master’s broad versatility. Satisfy your customers with one-touch baking and cooking. Using icons as simple program buttons makes your work child’s play.

7 reasons to buy a Vision combi oven

What is the Retigo DeliMaster?

This DeliMaster also helps you to make large quantities of products for less time and with less efforts. You can cook and bake different types of products within the single DeliMaster at the same time because the device sets different times on different racks. This option also helps to save time and energy spent on cooking. The design of this DeliMaster is very convenient, functional and attractive. So, this Retigo DeliMaster will be the wonderful purchase for your kitchen and will help you to make your HoReCa or bakery business successful.

Retigo DeliMaster Confectionary oven in general

For any modern businessman who has his own bakery or confectionary shop, it's obvious that the quality of products is the crucial thing. The range and volumes are not so crucial as this factor, although they are very important too. You can make the great number of products, with dozens of types, you can start the advertising campaign or even keep prices low. But clients won't go to the shop anyway. That means that something is done wrong, and, probably the matter is the industry that is the heart of any baking business. In order not to dispose of all your bakery and confectionary, you are to buy the high-quality confectionary oven or DeliMaster.

However, the purchase of the very expensive confectionary oven doesn't mean that you'll gain the great profit. When you buy a DeliMaster for your bakery, you are to preserve the balance between your needs and your options, in other words, between the quantity of products and a DeliMaster bought for making them. It's important to know precisely what exactly you need.

The professional heating equipment used in confectionary shops can be multifunctional or designed to one type of the product. How to buy a DeliMaster? That's the issue to solve.

How the DeliMaster makes life easier?

Deli menu
One-touch baking and cooking. Using icons as simple programme buttons makes your work child’s play. You get a clear, simple menu that anyone can use.

ASG system
Deli Master offers a unique injection system for generating steam. High-quality, saturated steam helps process your food to perfection.

Bi-directional fan control
Perfect uniformity and optimally crisp baked goods largely depend on the fan that circulates hot air or steam through the cooking chamber. With Deli Master, bi-directionality is fundamental, and you can even control the fan as your product requires. The results are outstanding.

Deli Touch and a unique design
A completely flat touch control panel makes your work easier, both when preparing delicious cuisine, but also during maintenance. You’ll be proud of this elegant machine, whose design and functionality will win you over the first time you see it.

Eco Logic
Deli Master ’s unique combination of intelligent technology will lower your costs for energy, water and labour — not to mention your time. It saves the environment, and your wallet!

5 in 1

With Deli Master’s multi-functionality, you immediately have several appliances in one — a baking oven, a combi steamer, a baking grill, a grilling plate and a fryer. All that in just one square metre!

Active cleaning
Let your Deli Master do the worst work itself. With Active Cleaning, Deli Master washes and dries itself. You save water and valuable time. And, the detergents it uses don’t harm the environment.

What is the Retigo DeliProofer?

DeliProofer, in the set with DM5 or DM8, will speed up the work with the dough preparation and will make the work easier. DeliProofer is controled by DeliMaster’s control panel so it means that you will be able to keep check on the operation of both equipments at the same time. DeliProofer can reach 25-60 °C.