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Combi oven lifecycle

The lifecycle of the device is 10 years providing the following conditions are met:

  • Regular preventive service inspections every 12 months of operation.
  • Such inspection must be carried out by service technicians of RETIGO or by service technicians of RETIGO authorized business.
  • The customer is obliged to produce a record of such service interference.
  • Strict compliance with operation instructions according to the operation manual.
  • Daily maintenance and cleaning of the combi-oven using cleaning agents recommended by RETIGO ( ACTIVE CLEANER for automatic cleaning system, VISION DESCALER for descaling of cooking chambre, RETIGO MANUAL CLEANER, PURON K etc.).
  • In case of combi-ovens with automatic cleaning it is necessary to use exclusively RETIGO Active Cleaner.
  • Training of operating personnel by RETIGO expert chef. It must be recorded in the service documentation or a copy of training record of the personnel.
  • In case of change of operating personnel another training must be carried out.


In case you have decided to purchase certain RETIGO product and it is already on the way to your kitchen, you have also received so called cook support from the Support managers for unlimited time – these are professional chefs turned instructors.

As soon as your machine is installed in the kitchen, the Support manager will visit you after a prior email or telephone arrangement and will spend a whole day with you. He will demonstrate the machine’s functions to you based on your requirements, he will cook with you and consult you on all relevant issues as well.

After the Support manager’s visit, you will be able to use your machine to its fullest potential and enjoy all its functions and properties. You will also gain valuable information regarding economical operation of the combi steamer and subsequently learn how to achieve unbelievably high savings in the usage of fat, water and electricity. You will also be able to substantially improve the yield of meat and other foodstuffs.

As a bonus, we are offering a free download of a special RETIGO cookbook, which will guide you through various basic and special food preparations from the Czech and foreign cuisine while using the combi steamer. These are not recipes, but it is a handbook on how to cook food in the RETIGO Vision combi steamers.


If you selected your machine, but are unsure where to buy it, try to make use of our business and service partners’ map. We have a wide network of sales and service technicians, who specialize in kitchen design and equipment. Feel free to contact them with your requirements. These business and service partners are trained and certified by the RETIGO firm on a regular basis and they are thus able to clarify all issues regarding the RETIGO products, perform RETIGO products installations and also perform the best technical service*.

In order to choose the right supplier, you can consult the Reference section, where you will find several realized installations with all the information included: where is the machine installed, which model is involved and who sold it and installed.

As part of the buying process, you will thus gain not only a high quality machine, but also a full after-sales support and a top warranty and after-warranty service with spare parts availability within 24 hours.


*RETIGO services, warranties and technical support are dealt with in the Technical service category.

Support and consulting

Are you in the process of making a decision to purchase some new equipment from the RETIGO product portfolio? Are you uncertain, which appliance will best fit your needs, how to choose the proper size, which type or model is the best one for your facility or which one will give you the most water and electricity savings? Are you unsure, which equipment is most feasible for preparation, storage and regeneration in your particular establishment? Ask us.

Our specialists are ready to answer all your questions and listen to all your demands. They will help you to choose a machine, which will meet your conceptual framework and needs. They will also recommend accessories for making your work faster and simpler. And, of course, preparation of our price proposal is completely free of charge.

For you, this translates into faster and easier handling of the decision making process. You will not be buying a pig in a poke and you can rest assured that you will gain all the important information in order to select everything you need.