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Vision Smoker

Vision Smoker

Vision Smoker is a simple accessory compatible with all Retigo combi ovens. Get a natural smoky flavor for your meals. Thanks to the new Vision Smoker you can cook and smoke at the same time in one appliance. It allows you to extend your menu and offer a variety of smoked specialties to your customers. What makes Retigo Vision Smoker really unique is its double heating system thanks to which single smoking process can last up to 3 hours.


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Unique features

  • The smoke generator Retigo Vision Smoker is an accessory compatible with all Retigo combi ovens
  • It adds a smoky flavor to selected products
  • Simple, intuitive control.
  • Option of cold smoking .
  • Option of smoking and roasting simultaneously.
  • Programmes for smoking can be found in all Retigo combi ovens or at
  • Thanks to the double smoke generator, it is not necessary to dampen wood for longer smoking - this is performed by controlled electronic ignition.



Thanks to this system, you can smoke nice and slowly without burning out the wood chips. The smoking period may be up to 3 hours by cold smoke without replacing woodenchips.


Programmable smoke strength at 3 levels

  • 1st level for cold-air slow smoking for up to 3 hours by smoke generation without burnout
  • 2nd level for medium smoking at temperatures of 70 °C – 130 °C for smoking up to 2 hours
  • 3rd level for ala-carte smoking with intensive smoke for short heat treatment up to 30 min.


Quick smoke generation for ala-carte smoking. Full smoke within 2 min. Thanks to controlled ignition output.


The microprocessor-controlled wood ignition ensures quick smoke generation, and consequent slowing of ignition prevents burnout of the wood and bitterness.


It is possible to use the smoker from temperatures of 20 °C up to 200 °C.


This function enables the smoker to give you an outstanding result even if you are not present in the kitchen. The smoker switches itself to the stop mode after the given process finishes. Used for night smoking.


Touchscreen control for easy maintenance and hygiene in the kitchen.


Compatibility with all models and sizes of Retigo combi ovens.


Thanks to special sealing of the electronics, the smoker can be washed using the automatic washing cycle right in the Retigo combi oven.


Smoking programmes free for downloading at

Technical Data

Technical parameters
Generator dimensions (w × h × d) 172,5 x 65 x 354 mm
Weight 2 kg
Total power 300 W
Voltage 1N~/200 V - 230 V/ 50 – 60 hz
Wooden chips fraction 1 cm – 4 cm
Moisture resistance YES
Maximum temperature 200 °C