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Bakery oven and more...

DeliMaster baking ovens are back! Ready to meet the needs of bakeries, cafes, gas stations, snack bars, fast food, and other shops, where fresh bread, toasted products, and pastries are smelled all day long. The DeliMaster will deliver outstanding baking and cooking results, and open up new opportunities for satisfying your customers, who will be happy to return.


DeliMaster ovens will allow you to easily prepare all types of fresh baked goods, desserts, pastries as well as a wide range of snack/bistro products such as sandwiches, burgers, panini, etc.

More than 50 preset bakery programs
Preset programs and essential bakery functions, for example, Inject - Pause for outstanding baking and cooking results each and every day with minimum demands on the user.

Specially developed auto-reversing fan
Perfectly uniform baking and exceptional crispiness of baked goods in no small part depends on the fan that distributes hot air or steam throughout the cooking chamber. Thanks to 7 fan speeds, you will always have the distribution and circulation of air inside your DeliMaster under control exactly as required for your task. The results will be perfect.

Clean, fast, and intuitive controls
The very fast response touch display and the Easy Baking function will not only make your work easier when preparing appetizing meals but also during maintenance.

Active Cleaning
No longer concern yourself with the least entertaining of tasks. Active Cleaning will ensure that your DeliMaster is always perfectly clean and dry. You save both water and valuable time. The detergents that are used are environmentally-friendly.

The multifunctionality of DeliMaster ovens provides you with several appliances in one – baking oven, combi oven, salamander, griddle, and deep fryer. All this within an area of one square meter.


Prepare exquisite delicacies from your menu in just a few minutes. Expand your offerings with new products, thanks to Deli Master’s broad versatility. Satisfy your customers with one-touch baking and cooking. Using icons as simple program buttons makes your work child’s play. You get a clear, simple menu that anyone can use.

     Baguettes 10 min. / 75 pcs*
  Muffins 9 min. / 350 pcs*
  Croissants 20 min. / 150 pcs*
  Mini Pizza 10 min. / 240 pcs*
  Chicken legs 40 min. / 60 pcs*
  Hamburgers 14 min. / 110 pcs*
* valid for DM 5


More information about DeliMaster baking ovens can be found HERE.

You can download the catalog HERE.