Retigo s.r.o.


Origin: Anglo-Cypriot, Serve: 8


450g organic cauliflower, florets
55g organic butter
55g organic plain flower
10g organic mustard powder
500ml organic milk
100g organic cheddar cheese, grated


1. In sous vide bags, seal the cauliflower with the milk after adding salt.
2. Set the Retigo combi oven on steam at 82°C
3. Poach for 40 minutes.
4. Reserve the milk to make a mustard sauce by placing the butter and flour in a suacepan, stirring over low heat until the two ingredients have completely amalgamated. Add salt and the mustard powder and continue stirring. Add milk (preferably while still warm), turn up the heat and whisk until nice, thick and smooth. Lower the heat and add the cheese until it has melted.
5. Place the cauliflower in a GN container, sprinkle some pepper and sprinkle the cheese sauce over it.
6. Set the oven on golden touch function, bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown.