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Endless options with Retigo Combionline®

Anyone who met us at the trade show in Milan must have seen our brand-new, still hot item — the Retigo Combionline® system.

As the name suggests, it is a chance to connect Retigo combi ovens to the Internet. The intuitive Retigo Combionline® web environment expands your view of modern culinary arts. You can control the equipment any time, from anywhere. From a tablet, phone or desktop computer. No need to download an app or special program. All you need is your favourite web browser. Just log in and manage all your appliances, even from the other side of the world.

The user interface first shows you the home screen with the main tabs, but you can adapt the introductory message board to your needs. It’s enough to drag and drop the individual sections or widgets, shrink
or enlarge the window. You just tidy things up exactly the way you want.

In real time, you can monitor the status of your combi oven, such as how much time is left in the cooking process or what the current temperature is. An unlimited number of appliances can be connected. To make your work even easier and save you a lot of time, the web interface lets you instantly define screen “profiles” (such as schools), which you can easily share across machines. This eliminates time-consuming configuration. Each screen can be set the same for all your establishments. This makes cooking results identical every time. Even if the cook changes.  
  As a bonus, we offer an online cookbook with a treasury of recipes from around the world. An easily understood description, a list of ingredients and the cooking parameters are all included. With just a few clicks, you can save new recipes to connected appliances.
Just as fast, you can find out if you’re using your appliances to the fullest. Charts and statistics offer an overview of usage, hours in operation, water consumption, energy, washing cycles and other info, even for all equipment combined. You can also pick the period you’d like to see stats for. All programs, HACCP data, statistics and operational records are safe, thanks to automatic backup.  
  Notifications are also automatic. You’ll no longer miss any important information. If an appliance breaks down, Retigo Combionline® immediately notifies you and your service technician. Keep track of what’s going on.

Get inspired and move your business forward. Register your device. Retigo Combionline® is ready.

Download Retigo Combionline app for Android or for iOS


Registration and use of the system is completely free for all Retigo users.

Blue Vision, Orange Vision Plus* and DeliMaster can be connected to the Retigo Combionline system. Older Vision 2 series devices manufactured from May 2017 onwards can also be connected.

Devices can be connected to the network using a LAN cable or by using a special wifi nano router on a local wifi network.

*Orange Vision Plus devices cannot work with profiles and cannot upload recipes from Combionline. All other functions work without limitations.