Retigo s.r.o.


I can quickly and easily set everything that I need, even when I have greasy hands or when wearing gloves. I can completely customise the main menu. Simply put, the simplest controls on the market.

Absolute focus on cooking

Easy control without a manual, perfect overview at all times thanks to the large, colour display.

No more unpleasant delays

Instant response of the 8“ screen when pressed and quick selection of frequently used recipes directly on the main screen.

Everything you  need is located on the main screen

Option to add any menu function on the main screen and adjust its position, size and colour based on the needs of each chef.

100% time usage

No need to wait for the combi oven to finish its work. While a common cooking process is running, Multitasking allows you to navigate through the combi oven menu in background and work on the display whilst the combi oven continues cooking.

Customising the main menu

Every chef can customise his/her main menu exactly as needed. Thanks to the Profiles function, virtually any number of profile presets can be saved for even more chefs in a single operation.