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Retigo as an ENERGY STAR partner

Retigo is pleased to inform you that we have now become a partner of ENERGY STAR, in which one of our models has been certified as an ENERGY STAR product.

The Retigo Vision B1011 has been awarded the ENERGY STAR logo after it was independently tested and certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) after results achieved were significantly above requirements.

ENERGY STAR is the official government-backed symbol for energy efficiency firstly introduced by the EPA in 1990 to recognise energy efficient computers.

Since this time, the scheme now focuses on supporting energy and money savings as well as protecting the environment in which many products, buildings and homes have been independently certified to prove that using less energy and causing fewer emissions can contribute to climate change.

In recent years, the issue of energy and sustainability has become a topical subject and many combi ovens have now been certified as ENERGY STAR products providing dealers and end users higher efficiency and sustainability. With ENERGY STAR certified products, customers can easily verify certification compliance claimed by manufacturers and/or compare efficiency between certified products.

According to ENERGY STAR, combi ovens that have earned the accreditation are around 20% more energy efficient than standard models, with Retigo Vision combi ovens being highly rated with regards to water and energy consumption.

The Retigo Vision B1011 combi oven and all other Vision models can save the user substantial amounts in costs whilst achieving excellent cooking results due to the product’s energy efficient design, excellent insulation and detail optimised heating regulation as well as recuperation of waste energy.

Using the same design and features for every Retigo Vision combi oven presents efficiency, savings and sustainability for the user, which are fully comparable with many other top combi oven brands on the market.

To find out more information on ENERGY STAR, visit the official website You can also find the measured figures presented for our tested combi oven model here.