Retigo s.r.o.

Retigo UK celebrates first anniversary!

It’s unbelievable how time flies. A year has gone by, and suddenly we’re celebrating Retigo UK's first anniversary in the United Kingdom. A move that has paid off despite Brexit.

The official headquarters of Retigo’s UK subsidiary is in London, but all distribution happens in Wrexham. The North Wales site is also the location of our offices and showroom, often used as a training centre for business partners and service technicians. It allows us to vividly present our combi ovens and new products and perform live cooking demonstrations. The Retigo UK team includes culinary support, an essential component for a company producing cooking equipment! There is also a showroom in central England and London. As such, we are able to provide sales, technical, culinary and marketing support throughout the UK.

The past 12 months has provided opportunities to attend UK-based trade shows including the Commercial Kitchen, where we won a bronze award in the Innovation Challenge category for the design of the limited Black Edition combi oven. Also gaining attention in late 2021 was the new Retigo Combionline®, which allows a Retigo combi oven to be connected to a network and be managed anytime, anywhere, including limitless recipes for inspiration, and overviews on using the combi oven.

The new UK subsidiary has enabled us to reach many new customers from the public sector including contracts with schools, care homes and hospitals. As a Czech company, a country with a large beer culture, a contract to supply a major UK brewery chain has been a particular highlight. We have also partnered with ceda and become a member of Cedabond.

Countless Vision combi ovens and DeliMaster baking ovens have been installed over the past year. Among the most significant is The Star (part of the Polizzi Collection), in Alfriston. Owner Alex Polizzi is a well-known hotelier, and many know her from The Hotel Inspector TV series. Of working with Retigo UK, The Star head chef Tim Kensett said, “Having a Retigo combi oven in our kitchen is an amazing thing. It really helps us stay 100% calm. I set it up exactly as I need it and I don't have to check things over and over again.”

Aneta Jurošková, director of Retigo UK is delighted with the progress and success of the first year in the UK. She said, “Starting up the branch was a big challenge for us, but we believed in ourselves and threw ourselves into the challenge. Our goal was to maximize the level of services and thereby increase sales and awareness of Retigo in the UK. We’re proud of our results, which we would never have achieved without the hard work of the entire team and the support and leadership of the management and owners of the parent company. I greatly value the trust which the management and owners have put in us and I hope we will continue to meet their expectations during 2022 and beyond. We have great, but realistic plans for the coming year and have strengthened the team with two recent appointments to ensure we reach these goals.”