Retigo s.r.o.


The Retigo Vision combi oven handles most technological tasks in a small space and makes it possible to replace several traditional kitchen appliances. The combi oven can be used to prepare practically all types of meals, from breakfast to lunch and dinner, including desserts.

Easy Cooking

An intelligent cooking assistant that helps even somewhat less experienced cooks achieve great results. The unique system automatically proposes the correct procedure for each type of meal.


Thanks to the Vision Smoker external smoke generator and special recipes, the Retigo Vision becomes a complete smoker capable of smoking a wide range of meals from a la carte meals to standard whole meats, e.g. hams, shanks.


Utilising the latest technologies, the Retigo Vision can provide the ideal climate, temperature and time for cooking meals sous-vide. Compared to a classic sous-vide water bath, it provides immeasurably greater capacity and quality.

Overnight cooking

Retigo Vision cooks for you overnight. The special overnight cooking function can, thanks to precise humidity regulation and temperature control, ensure a high yield. Meat will be wonderfully juicy while water and power consumption are kept to a minimum.


For preparing meals in fat or in their own juices, it is necessary to have two-way airflow, which Retigo Vision achieves by means of a unique fan that can be set to the ideal speed. The confit process requires no supervision and the results are always perfect.

Rack timing

System for short order cooking, which monitors food cooking time at each individual Retigo Vision rack. It enables combining several meals at once irrespective of their size or their required cooking time. When the rack timing function is started, the system will automatically offer the cook further recipes that can be prepared at the same time.