Retigo s.r.o.



Demonstrably the lowest power and water consumption, and low-cost automatic cleaning – all in a single machine. All this saves money each and every day and guarantees a great return on investment.

Energy savings

Two-stage water preheater utilises heat from waste steam and, in combination with the unique triple-glazed door glass solution* and 50 mm thick thermal insulation, reduces cooking costs to a minimum.


Economical cleaning

The unique automatic Retigo Active Cleaning system ensures perfect cleanliness of the Retigo Vision combi oven while minimising water consumption and saving money on detergents.

Unbeatable return on investment

Low operating costs, long lifetime, affordable service and repairs, and an outstanding price-to-quality ratio delivers great return on investment.

Kitchen space savings

Retigo Vision can substitute even several classic kitchen appliances with much less space. In addition, with a provably higher yield and raw material processing efficiency.


* Not applicable to 623 size