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Smoked duck breast on a toast with duck rillettes

Did you know about function "EXTRAS" in Retigo combi oven? Different technologies like confit or smoking can be used just by clicking on the icon.

Smoked duck breast

Color the breast on the skin side very quickly. Than blast chill it. Prepare the cure from caster sugar and coarse salt. Put the breast into the cure for 48 hours.
Remove from the cure, clean it from the cure and smoke it in Retigo Vision combi oven at 60 °C for 1 hour using the Vision Smoker. Blast chill it after smoking. Then slice it on a meat slicer before serving.

Duck rillettes

Salt the duck legs and confit them in duck fat for 2 hours and 30 minutes using Extras function. When finished confit, remove the legs from the fat, and leave it to cool down. Once cold, shred the meat without the skin into small pieces, add freshly ground pepper, chopped thyme, chopped shallots, and cornichons, add chopped parsley and combine with duck fat.

Now you can put it on toast and garnish with the smoked duck breast and chopped spring onion.


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