Retigo s.r.o.

The new production hall allows increation of production capacity in Retigo

Retigo’s new production hall is constructed. It is ready to be filled with modern facilities and cutting-edge production technologies.

The energy efficient building is twice the size of the current site, which will allow us to increase our production capacity by the second half of 2022.

The new purpose-built hall has been constructed at the Retigo headquarters in Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic. Work began back in September 2021 on the 2-storey, 6000m² facility. The site is also home to additional office spaces allowing for more training and meeting areas. The employees are now served by spaces corresponding to the highest demands and comfort. There is a spacious living room with a view of the surrounding Wallachian hills, which is located behind the large windows of the entire production hall, as well as equipped kitchens, restrooms and changing rooms.

The energy-efficient building includes a rainwater collection tank, which will be reused in the company.

An automated warehouse system for production is planned. New machines, such as ultra-modern welding robots and a new deep drawing press, will enhance the machine fleet. Production itself will reach a new level of automation, as well as warehousing of finished appliances and accessories. While the plant is being expanded, existing production and warehouse management processes will also be optimised and automated.

When asked to comment the Managing Director of Retigo, stated the following: “The new production hall will allow us to increase our production capacity and reach the next milestone quicker than ever before! The modern facilities and cutting-edge production technologies are another example of significant growth and progression Retigo. The facility has been commissioned due to continually increasing demand, but it will also improve product quality. We expect this expansion to have a direct impact on global sales and delivery times.“