Retigo s.r.o.

Using low-temperature cooking in EXTRAS in Retigo combi oven

+ higher yield therefore extra portions to sell
+ saves time during the day, wider use of combi oven
+ saves money using a night elektricity tariffs
+ meat is always juicy and tender
+ in the morning there is no stress waiting for your meat to be tender
+ extends combi oven capacity, combi oven is used almost 24 hours a day

Christmas Turkey

Whole turkey
Salt a and pepper

Season the cavity of the bird with salt and pepper, place large piece of butter, 1 lemon and onion. Season the bird from the outside as well. On your Retigo combi oven go to extras, click on low-temperature cooking button, choose to be cooked with a core probe, click on poultry, place your turkey on enammeled GN container  into your combi oven and start your program, it tells you to insert the core probe. Shut the door. The process will start immediately.