Retigo s.r.o.


I can be absolutely certain that my cooking results will always be of outstanding quality. The foods that I prepare have perfect colour, are juicy, crispy and healthy, with a minimum amount of fat.

Outstanding steam cooking results

The advanced Retigo Vision steam generation system ensures great colour, taste and consistency of prepared meals, while retaining the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients.


Ideal colour and crispiness of meals

The Active Humidity Control (AHC) is a precision humidity control system that maintains the ideal climate for the prepared meals. Thanks to patented technology, the cooking chamber may be quickly and effectively dehumidified if necessary. The result is food with perfect crispiness and golden brown colour.

Less stress in the kitchen

The option to cook multiple meals simultaneously in the same mode with varying cooking times, and without smell or flavour cross-contamination helps to increase the  kitchen‘s capacity. Utilising functions such as Overnight cooking or Low-temperature baking gives the chef more time during the morning rush-hours and achieves greater utilisation of the prepared meals. All of this under HACCP control.

All cooking technologies contained in a single appliance

The Retigo Vision is a single cooking system for the majority of cooking methods (cooking, boiling, baking, stewing, frying, grilling, toasting, confit, cooking under vacuum – Sous-Vide, canning, dehydrating, blanching, leavening, smoking, curing, low temperature procedures, keeping warm and meal regeneration).