Retigo s.r.o.

Enamelled GN

Enamelled GN1/1 is available:

  • GN1/1
    • dimensions: 530 x 325 mm
    • model: GNS1/1
  • GN2/3
    • dimensions: 354 x 325 mm
    • model: GNS2/3
  • GN2/1
    • dimensions: 650 x 530 mm
    • model: GNS2/1
Depth (mm)Recommended use
20* rolls, fried cutlets, fried fish fillet, fish fingers
40 use of the same or stainless gastronorm containers 40 mm, can also be used for fruit kolaches, ducat cakes, Czech cakes, frying (the full capacity of the combi steamer cannot be used)
60** Czech cakes, French potatoes, baked pasta dishes

 * not available for GN2/3, GN2/1
** not available for GN2/3


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