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Water treatment and filters

Water treatment and filters

Within the framework of water treatment, we offer automatic softeners in 5-10 l, manual softeners, tablet-form salt and various filters. Cleaning and treating water is important not only for hygienic reasons, but proper maintenance also guarantees maximum service life of the equipment.


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Water treatments

Aut. softener 10 l with 1-12 days reconditioning time -electronic/td> WMK5600
Aut. softener 5 l with 1-12 days reconditioning time -electronic SMK5600
Aut. softener 10 l with 1-12 days reconditioning time -mechanical WMK-BNT 650T
Aut. softener 5 l with 1-12 days reconditioning time -mechanical SMK-BNT 650T
Salt tablets TS 25kg
Mechanical particals filter AQ-KM1


BWT Filter systems

BWT filtration systems are multi-purpose designs guaranteeing high quality water treatment for producing pure steam in combi steamers and other equipment working with water (regenerators, holding cabinets). This involves innovative water treatment for quality gastronomy and extension of the service life of combi steamers and other equipment.

  • Extension of the service life of the combi steamer and other equipment
  • Savings on costs for electricity and servicing
  • Premium quality water thanks to the new High-Efficiency-Technology (HET) high efficiency 5-level filtration.
  • Highly efficient protection from scale deposits.
  • Excellent protection against equipment corrosion caused by low-quality, aggressive water.
  • Ensures a constantly high pH value.
  • Streamlined design of water flow using a filter.
  • Use of high-quality filtration materials.
  • Maximal use of the entire filter.
  • Simple installation, putting into operation and filter replacement.
  • Complete connectors for all types / sizes of filters

Connection Kits 

BWT connection kit - simple* For all Bestmax and Bestprotect filter cartridges
BWT connection kit - full**

 * It contains universal filter head bwt besthead that can be fixed to any bwt filter cartridge. it has integrated bypass and connection valves 3/8“.
** It contains universal filter head bwt besthead, 1 x connecting hose 1,5m 3/8“ x 3/4“ Dn10, 1 x bestflush pressure relief valve, 1 x reduction iG 3/8“ x aG 3/4“, 1 x water hardness testkit.

Filter Cartridges

TypeUsage Capacity*
BestMax L 623, 611  3 945 l
BestMax XL  611, 1011  5 155 l
BestMax XXl  1221, 2011, 2021  9 100 l
 BestProtect XL (corrosion protection of the cooking chamber when the water pH is too low)  623, 611, 1011  3 590 l
BestProtect XXL (corrosion protection of the cooking chamber when the water pH is too low)   1221, 2011, 2021  6 000 l

* The optimal filter size is best determined by the quality of the water and load of the combi-oven (before selecting the appropriate size of the filter it is recommended to determine the carbonate hardness). the filter capacity (water hardness is 10°dH) is shown above.

It is possible to create a complete set by combining connection kit and proper filter cartridge for smooth connection and softener operating.


BWT aquameter with LCD display *

 * Flow meter with external display indicating water consumption and thus ensuring that filter cartridge will be replaced at the right time. It contains control unit with display, 3/8“ iG thread connection including washers x 3/8“ aG.