Retigo s.r.o.

Golden Coffee Berezka

Place of realization: Nezavisimosti avenue 20, Minsk
Installed by: “Vitrum Klima“ OOO
Year of realization: 2016
Country: Belarus
Business type: Bistro, fast food
WWW of realization place: Golden Coffee Berezka

Golden Coffee - means golden coffee. This is the best name for roasted coffee. For the majority of people golden means precious and beautiful. In our mother language we even have a phrase “golden youth”. The main idea is that Golden Coffee is not just a coffee house, not just a restaurant or lounge, primarily it is the place where people meet. Our team pays special attention to our kitchen. We create recipes ourselves and often receive them from our friends.



Could you please give some examples of the cooking results coming out of the Retigo combi oven?

► You can cook either golden brown baking or have excellent brown on top thanks to properly designed convection system.

Which benefits has your Retigo product brought to your facility?

►Functionality in everything: either in cooking or in service.

For which reason would you recommend the Retigo product to other facilities?

►For small kitchen the price of the equipment, its quality and ease of maintenance are the fundamental confirmation that everything will function stably and will not lead to unexpected expenses.

What does RETIGO product mean for you just in a one word?

► Pleasure.

Jury Businov