Retigo s.r.o.

Kødbyens fiskebar restaurant

Place of realization: Copenhagen
Installed by: Hotri Storkøkken a/s
Year of realization: 2013
Country: Denmark
Business type: Restaurant
WWW of realization place: Kødbyens fiskebar restaurant

A busy fish restaurant in Copenhagen’s meat packing district serving locally sourced cuisine in an industrial setting.



Can you give us any examples of the results you get from Retigo product(s)?

► The Golden Touch function is great. We use it for our meat dishes and for employees’ meals. It is also fantastic for our bread, using the steam function and then baking. We set this as a bread function and save the setting in the recipes section.

How has your Retigo product benefitted your facility?

► It has made bread baking foolproof with the Save Recipe section. We can also use the steam function to prepare cuisine overnight.

Why would you recommend the Retigo Vision to other establishments?

► The USB stick is fantastic. It lets you program functions on your laptop and then load them into the oven. You can also load your own sounds into the Retigo.

What does your retigo product mean to you in just one word?

► Consistency. 

Thomas Garland
Head chef