Retigo s.r.o.

Landgasthof Wanghofer restaurant

Place of realization: Feichten
Installed by: Peter Kocher GmbH
Year of realization: 2010
Country: Germany
Business type: Restaurant
WWW of realization place: Landgasthof Wanghofer restaurant

This  restaurant  is  a  traditional,  family-run  business  which  offers  Bavarian  dishes  and  welcomes visitors from all over the world. Especially during the venison season, the number of guests raises significantly.



How has your Retigo product benefitted to your establishment?

► Our Retigo Vision combi oven is a strong support in daily work as well as for large gastronomic events we do. We appreciate the even baking results especially in terms of our traditional strudel.

What are the saving for your kitchen when cooking with Retigo Vision combi oven?

► Apart from saving us time, our Retigo combi oven consumes only little energy compared to our old model. 

Why would you recommend the Retigo Vision to other establishments?

► We absolutely recommend it in terms of price-value balance and simple usage. Even my elder mother has no problems to use it.

What does your Retigo product mean to you in just one word?

► Advance

Barbara Wanghofer
Owner of the establishment, Chef