Retigo s.r.o.

s-kleine Wirtshaus in Weitmoos restaurant

Place of realization: Eggstätt
Year of realization: 2010
Country: Germany
Business type: Restaurant
WWW of realization place: s-kleine Wirtshaus in Weitmoos restaurant

As  a  very  traditional,  Bavarian  guesthouse,  the  „kleine  Wirtshaus“  offers  local  food  and  varies the offered dishes depending on the season and the taste of the guests.



How has your Retigo product benefitted to your establishment?

► We worked with traditional kitchen equipment in a very small kitchen for a long time. Now, with the Retigo combioven size 623, we stay flexible in terms of the prepared dishes but also replaced several of rather old fashioned preparation methods, while keeping the high quality.

What are the saving for your kitchen when cooking with Retigo Vision combi oven?

► We save a lot of space. The size 623 Vision combioven perfectly fits in our kitchen and while replacing other cooking equipment which took more space it still guarantees flexibility.

Why would you recommend the Retigo Vision to other establishments?

► Even if you own a small reataurant with only one chef being present, it helps you to stay relaxed, still ensuring absolutely satisfied visitors.

What does your Retigo product mean to you in just one word?

► Advantage

Ludwig Obermeier
Owner of the establishment, Chef