Retigo s.r.o.

Tête Pressée restaurant

Place of realization: Sint-Michiels - Brugge
Installed by: CD Constructs
Year of realization: 2010
Country: Belgium
Business type: Restaurant
WWW of realization place: Tête Pressée restaurant


How has your Retigo product benefitted to your establishment?

► It’s a beautiful machine to work more precisely and it’s very efficient to me that it gives me a back-up for the work that I’ve done over the day.

What are the saving for your kitchen when cooking with Retigo Vision combi oven?

► Especially food savings, because of the programs we make less mistakes and we save a lot of food.

Why would you recommend the Retigo Vision to other establishments?

► It is a solid partner to me and my kitchen.

What does your Retigo product mean to you in just one word?

► Work-animal.

Pieter lonneville
Executive Chef