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Tiskárna Restaurant

Place of realization: Jindřišská ulice 940/22, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Installed by: JARg spol.s r.o.
Year of realization: 2019
Country: Czech Republic
Business type: Restaurant
WWW of realization place: Tiskárna Restaurant

The Tiskárna (“Print Shop”) restaurant occupies a building that was once part of a national securities printing facility. This space previously stored bank securities and similar printed matter. The restaurant’s operators try to return the buildings (also including the Mincovna [“The Mint”] restaurant) to the spirit of the time when they were important edifices. This is why they named the new restaurant TISKÁRNA (“The Print Shop”). Banknotes were first printed here during the first Czechoslovak Republic in 1928, so the creators of the menu were inspired by original recipes in period cookbooks. Like its sister restaurant the Mincovna, the Tiskárna is mainly aimed at domestic clientèle.