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The first Czech Beer Pub in London cooks with Retigo

We're delighted to share with you another video case study from a recent Retigo installation project. PIVO Bar, the UK's first independent Czech Beer Pub & bottle shop in the Shoreditch area of London, is uniquely and authentically Czech. They are concerned with modern design and innovation and were keen to keep all aspects of the venue’s design as true to its Czech origins as possible.

Sprint Group were appointed by PIVO Bar with the design and fit-out of the venue. Sprint have been Retigo distribution partners for four years now and the combination of a Czech customer and a Czech equipment manufacturer made perfect sense.

We're thrilled to have worked closely with the PIVO Bar and Sprint teams to provide the bar with one of our fantastic Black Edition ovens.

Aneta Juroskova, Director of Retigo UK said, “We provided PIVO Bar with a top-quality combi oven which is heart of their modern kitchen. It provides great cooking results while reducing energy and water consumption, and thanks to the most responsible touch display on the market, it is also very easy to use.”

PIVO Bar Director Martin Macourek was keen to find something unique for their open-plan kitchen. He said, “In building PIVO Bar we were seeking to have everything unique, to bring a totally unique proposition to the centre of London. So as much as we have unique, independent beer from the Czech Republic, and beautiful appointed interiors, such as hand-blown glasses and chandeliers, we were thinking, what would make our kitchen unique? Well, it’s a Retigo oven because it seems to be an unbeatable proposition.”

PIVO’s head chef agrees and says, “The Retigo oven is my best friend in the kitchen!”

Of choosing a Retigo oven for the PIVO Bar project, Sprint Group Sales Director, Ian Bryant says, “At Sprint we’re a quality brand, selling a quality product. With Retigo, it fitted the bill for the PIVO Bar project. It’s a very good product at a very good price, and we were offering something unique to the customer. Something they hadn’t heard of before that matched their Czech roots.”

Juroskova continues, “We have a distribution network across the UK. Thanks to our participation in the PIVO project, we have another beautiful and representative venue in central London where we can proudly invite our customers, organise business meetings, give live product demonstrations and let them experience a little bit of Czech hospitality, including Czech cuisine and Czech beer! It’s a concept that is beneficial for all involved.

“PIVO Bar also connects Czech manufacturers across the UK who we are happy to work with and help each other grow. We’re extremely happy to be a part of this network.”

We hope you enjoy watching our case study blockbuster featuring PIVO Bar Director, Martin Macourek and Sprint Group Sales Director, Ian Bryant, as well as Retigo Consultant Chef, Danny Burns and PIVO Bar Chef, Sona Sykorova.

See a short interview with Martin here.