Retigo s.r.o.

Pivo Bar

Place of realization: 2-4 Old Street, EC1V 9AA London, UK
Installed by: Sprint Group
Year of realization: 2021
Country: United Kingdom
Business type: Restaurant
WWW of realization place: Pivo Bar

PIVO Hub is the first restaurant of its kind in the UK, with a focus on independently and traditionally brewed Czech beers. The restaurant also offers a Czech-British fusion menu with elements of other international cuisine which perfectly complements the beer. The space is designed with craftmanship in mind, combining modern and traditional elements such as hand-blown glass. 

What they say about Retigo:

What are the results of cooking with Retigo products?

► Although we are in London, we cook a lot of Czech cuisine. This isn’t always easy when you’re abroad. That's why we bet on the Czech product. In addition, we have a limited edition black combi oven, which fits nicely into the concept of the restaurant. Having a black oven makes a massive difference and it even displays the logos of our beers. It clearly is an innovative element and that's what we want because Pivo is about modern design, innovation and craft.

The black edition oven that we’ve got downstairs is great in an open plan kitchen because it's all about the theatre and the drama. It fits in really well with the surroundings.

What benefits do Retigo products bring to your kitchen?

► With Retigo we can quickly and efficiently prepare dishes such as roast knee, which otherwise would take more time. The advantage is the speed, but also the reliability of the machine, i.e basically carefree cooking. Everybody in the kitchen finds it really easy to use. Retigo oven is your best friend in the kitchen.

Our aim has always been to have proper Czech hospitality. If we want to do a proper duck, like confit duck, if we want to do chicken schnitzel, if we want to do a goulash the right way, we need this Retigo oven because it works amazingly well.

Would you recommend Retigo to others? For what reason?

► Definitely yes - precisely because of the high quality (performance) of the combi oven associated with reliability.

What does Retigo mean to you, in a word?

► Certainty.

Martin Macourek

PIVO Bar Director

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