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Banquet system for Vision 1221 combi ovens

Banquet system for Vision 1221 combi ovens

The banquet system for Vision 1221 combi steamers consists of loading trolley VO1221B, and a thermal cover TO1221. The banquet trolley VO1221B is available in two capacities — for 70 plates (65 mm of space between circles) or 60 plates (80 mm of space between circles). The trolley is designed for plates 280 mm in diameter. All of these components for the 1221 banquet system must be ordered separately. 


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Banquet system and thermocover

Banquet system 1221

NameTypeCircle spacing (mm)Diametr of plates (mm)
Banquet trolley for 1221-70 plates VO1221B-70 65 280
Banquet trolley for 1221-60 plates VO1221B-60 80 280


 Thermo covers 1221

Thermo cover VO1221B TO 1221B



 Banquet trolley VO1221B - 70 plates


Banquet trolley VO1221B - 60 plates


Optional accessories