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Holdomat 711

Holdomat 711

Holdomat is a unique appliance for keeping food at serving temperature and for low- temperature cooking. Ideal for preparing unique roast meals while maintaining top quality and minimum shrinkage. Precise control of temperature settings and a sophisticated ventilation system ensures the perfect climate even for roast or fried meals during the entire maintenance time. The temperature can be set in a range of 20–120 °C.

The holdomat 711 has a clear OLED display and capacity of 7x GN 1/1 (depth 65 mm) or 4x GN 1/1 (depth 100 mm). The gastronorm container size is GN 1/1 (530x325 mm)


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General Characteristics

+/- 1 degree – first-class precision

Thanks to its unique temperature and humidity control, the Holdomat is the most exact low-temperature product and warming device and is accurate to +/- 1 degree. A total of 18/24 meters of the finest heating cable ensures uniform warmth even when the doors are opened repeatedly. The Holdomat features a sophisticated dehumidifying system that keeps breaded dishes crispy.

Perfect view

The OLED display provides a perfect view of temperatures and allows easy programming. The Holdomat shows the set, real and core temperature at a glance.

Less weight loss: Whether a large piece of meat or a stew: The Holdomat cooks pieces of meat with 10 - 20% less weight loss. Lower your energy consumption: The Holdomat runs on domestic current 230 V and so avoids excessive energy use. For simmering roast beef a fully-loaden Holdomat uses only 0.4 kW/h. A combi oven needs 10 times the amount of energy. 

Mobile – suitable for parties and outside catering

Food pre-prepared in the kitchen can be transported in the Holdomat and served warm. From the Holdomat direct to guests. The folding handles ensure optimum comfort from the kitchen to the delivery station.

Model Characteristics

• Highly reliable temperature distribution without a fan
• Precise electronic temperature maximum deviation of ± 1 °C
• Faster setting to the optimal temperature of 68 °C
• Special chamber dehumidifying system for fried and roast meals
• Clear OLED display
• Door with ventilation holes and magnetic lock
• The removable cooking container handles
• Double-coat heat insolation
• Integrated handles for safe, easy handling and transport
• Door locks and option to change door opening

Technical Data

ModelHOM 711
Capacity 7x1/1 GN, 65 mm
or 4x1/1 GN, 100 mm
Weight  38 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) 416 x 646 x 667 mm
Total power  1,8 kW
Voltage 1N~/230 V/50-60 Hz
Fuse 10 A
Temperature 20 - 120 °C